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Spacial Screen-Reader Accessible Radio Station Software

Enables Blind & Visually Impaired to Create Web Radio Stations


Spacial Screen-Reader Accessible Radio Station Software

Spacial SAM VIBE is accessible broadcasting software that enables blind and visually impaired persons to create web radio stations.

Updated October 15, 2012

SAM VIBE from Spacial is an Internet radio broadcasting application designed to be accessible to users who are blind or visually impaired.

The application enables broadcasters to produce web-based radio programs of all types -- including news, sports, talk, and music. SAM VIBE lets broadcasters upload and play music uploaded to a central cloud server that Spacial hosts. Programs are scheduled and broadcast 24/7 from Spacial servers worldwide.

Spacial designed SAM VIBE to work with popular screen readers such as JAWS, enabling blind users to execute all programs functions using just their keyboard. The interface uses large fonts to make text easier for visually impaired users to read. It also has a high-contrast color scheme to aid persons who are color blind.

SAM VIBE Product Features

  • All-in-One Package: SAM VIBE includes management software, cloud storage and streaming, and web integration widgets and players that reduce station setup time.
  • Ample Cloud Storage: Spacial's largest package enables you to store up to 100 GB of content -- approximately 35,000 tracks -- large enough for most libraries.
  • Organize Once, Create Many Channels: Uploading and categorizing content is a time-consuming job you only have to do once with SAM VIBE -- you can share the same content library with multiple channels, each with its own rules and brand. Note: Multi-channel support currently in BETA.
  • Automated Broadcast Infrastructure: Users can set rotation rules for uploaded content and then shut down their computer. SAM VIBE keeps your station running 24/7, even if no one's around to operate it.
  • Promote Your Own Content: Upload your own music, news, jingles, imaging, promos, weather, sports, podcasts, voice tracks or any other unique content.

About Spacial

Spacial, founded in 1999, develops audio automation software. In 2002, it launched SAM Broadcaster, its radio automation software that enables broadcasters to stream radio stations online. Other Spacial products include SAM DJ and SAM Cast, an encoder for live audio event streaming.

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