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National Braille Press Book Explores iOS 7 for Blind Persons

"iOS 7 Without the Eye" Covers All Aspects of Apple's Mobile Operating System


National Braille Press e-book iOS 7 Without the Eye by Jonathan Mosen

In his new book, Jonathan Mosen explores Apple's iOS 7 operating system for its iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

National Braille Press

National Braille Press offers iOS 7 Without the Eye, a e-book by Jonathan Mosen that explores all aspects of Apple’s mobile operating system from the viewpoint of a user who is blind.  

The iOS 7 operating system, released in September 2013, power’s Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Mosen guides readers through iOS 7 installation — including all necessary safeguards to protect data — and discusses what’s new and different from the perspective of one who uses VoiceOver, Apple’s built-in screen reader.

The book is a text-based, searchable, resource with clear explanations that readers can skim or consult when they need to and also helps prepare technology trainers and teachers how to address questions blind users are likely to have.

iOS 7 Without the Eye Table of Contents

Chapter One: Installing; Supported Devices; Backing Up; Installing the Update; The First Start

Chapter Two: New VoiceOver Goodies; Sound Effects; Changes to Braille; Automatic Translation Toggle; Equations in Nemeth; Show Onscreen Keyboard; Braille Translation Table; Additions to the Rotor; Zoom; Containers; Sounds; Handwriting; Languages and Dialects...

Chapter Three: Notification Center; Today; I Want It All; What Did I Miss? Right from the Lock Screen; Notification Syncing

Chapter Four: Control Center; Quick Toggles; Brightness; Audio Controls; Flashlight; Airdrop
Airplay and Airplay Mirroring Utilities; Right from the Lock Screen

Chapter Five: Spotlight Search

Chapter Six: The App Switcher and Multitasking; Working with the App Switcher; Multitasking

Chapter Seven: Seriously Siri; Siri and VoiceOver; New North American Voices; Control your Device; Set It Up with Speech; Siri and Twitter; Siri and the Phone; Bing Integration...

Chapter Eight: Surfing Safari; iCloud Keychain; Searching for Search? Share and Enjoy; Tabs Unlimited

Chapter Nine: If You're Appy and You Know It; New Layout; An Update to Updates Near Me; Wish List; Redeeming Gift Cards; Kids' Category

Chapter Ten: iTunes Radio; About iTunes Radio; Getting Started; Creating a Station; While Listening to a Station; History

Chapter Eleven: Get the Picture? Flickr; Vimeo; The Camera App; Photos; iPhone 5s Camera Features

Chapter Twelve: Stop, Thief!

Chapter Thirteen: Communication is the Key; FaceTime; Blocking; iMessage; Do Not Disturb;

Chapter Fourteen: Sounds Interesting

Chapter Fifteen: iBeacons

Chapter Sixteen: Maps; Mavericks Integration; Turn by Turn when Walking; Location Sharing; Nearby Apps.

Product Details

iOS 7 Without the Eye by Jonathan Mosen costs $19.95 and is available from NBP in either braille, eBraille, or as a DAISY book.

Readers can order online, call toll free (800.548.7323), or mail payment to: National Braille Press, 88 St. Stephen Street, Boston, MA 02115-4302. You can also purchase and download an accessible PDF or RTF edition of the book from the author’s website.

When purchasing from Mosen’s site, you'll receive an email with a link to a zip file. The download contains three versions of the book: ePub (recommended), PDF, and RTF formats -- all of which are accessible using iBooks.

Other National Braille Press books on iOS accessibility include: iOS Success: Making the iPad Accessible; Twenty-Six Apps for Blind iPhone Users, iPhone Tactile Screenshot Quick Reference Guide, and Reading Kindle Books on Your iOS Device.

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