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Accessibility Features Built Into Apple OS X and iOS X Products

Apple has built accessibility features into its operating systems for the Mac OS X, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch + iTunes. The functions help users with vision-, hearing-, and mobility impairments and persons with learning disabilities. They include a screen reader called VoiceOver, a screen magnifier called Zoom, closed captioning, iChat videoconferencing, word completion, and text-to speech.
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oMoby Sends Product Information to Mobile Devices Based on Photos & Bar Codes
oMoby is an app that provides product information on photo or bar code searches users click or scan with their mobile device. The app uses IQ Engine's VisionIQ platform, originally designed for persons who are blind, and now used by companies to add visual search capabilities to apps.

iBooks Offers Print Disabled Free, Accessible Content
Apple's free iBooks app gives readers with print disabilities another option for accessing written content. The iBookstore has many classics in e-book form users can download for free. Readers can listen using VoiceOver or enlarge it using Zoom.

Listen to Web Content with SpokenLayer iOS App
SpokenLayer enables users to listen to web content on their iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. The app employs professional narration and text-to-speech to read articles aloud and aggregates content based on user preferences. SpokenLayer is designed for readers with visual and cognitive impairments, auditory learners, and those who enjoy on-the-go...

Play Accessible Textbooks on Your iPhone with Learning Ally Audio
Learning Ally Audio is an mobile app that enables readers with print disabilities to access over 70,000 DAISY audiobooks -- including key texts for education levels -- on their iOS device

Earl Voice-Controlled Newspaper App for iOS
Earl is a voice-controlled iOS app that reads newspapers, magazines, and website articles aloud to persons with print disabilities, especially those with visual impairments.

What is VoiceOver?
VoiceOver is a screen reader built into the operating system of all Apple OS X and iOS products that makes the machines accessible to blind and visually impaired users. VoiceOver reads text and app names aloud and provides audible cues to aid navigation.

UNH Assistive Technology Lab Provides Adaptive Equipment & Accessibility Apps
For college students with disabilities, assistive technology is critical for success. An innovative University of New Hampshire AT Lab provides hundreds of students with adaptive equipment and mobile apps to make more courses accessible.

Accessibility Features for Deaf & HOH Users in Apple Products
For persons who are deaf or hard of hearing, Apple provides many built-in accessibility features in its OS X and iOS products.

Dimensions Sonic Adventure Mobile Game App
Dimensions is a mobile game app for iOS devices that uses augmented sound to create a six-level "Multiverse" through which players travel in search of artifacts. The game's aural orientation has made it popular among blind players.

Make Core Curriculum Lessons Accessible to Students with Disabilities
The AbleNet Action Dictionary offers guidance on how to make Core Curriculum lessons accessible to students with disabilities through an effective use of assistive technology.

Zoom: Apple's Built-in Screen Magnifier
Zoom is a screen magnifier Apple has built into its Mac and iOS devices that enlarges what's displayed onscreen to make products more accessible to visually impaired users.

Accessibility Features in iOS 7
iOS 7 has many enhanced accessibility features that make the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch easier to navigate and control for persons with disabilities.

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