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Accessibility Features Built into Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

Microsoft has built accessibility features into its Windows operating system and many of its applications, including Microsoft Office 2010. This page covers Accessibility Checker, used to create accessible Office documents. Other topics include Active Accessibility 2.0, SharePoint’s More Accessibility Mode (MAM), and accessibility shortcuts that work most Windows-based applications.
  1. Accessibility in the Windows Phone (2)
  2. Microsoft Accessibility Resource Centers (1)
  3. Microsoft Office Accessibility (0)
  4. Microsoft Windows Accessibility Overview (5)
  5. Windows Internet Explore Accessibility (0)
  6. Windows-Supported Assistive Technology Programs (1)

Download Free Windows Software to Make PC More Accessible
This article profiles several free Windows-based applications persons with disabilities can download from an online resource maintained by the University of Athens.

TV Speak Makes Digital TV Accessible to Blind PC Users
Blind and visually impaired people enjoy TV but find it difficult to use a remote or read text such as program guides that can enhance their viewing experience. TV Speak routes TV to an environment most blind people know well—the PC—and provides viewers more accessibility and navigational control.

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