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Windows Mouse Keys Let You Move Pointer Using Keyboard Number Pad

Accessibility Feature Can Help Users with Limited Dexterity


Windows Mouse Keys Let You Move Pointer Using Keyboard Number Pad

Windows mouse keys enable movement of the mouse pointer using the keyboard's number pad.


If you are more comfortable using a keyboard than a mouse, the Windows mouse keys can make navigating and executing commands using the mouse pointer easier.

The mouse keys replace the mouse with numbers on your keyboard's number pad. The numbers represent arrow and command keys. With them, you can click, drag, and move the pointer just as you would by moving the mouse.

To activate the mouse keys:

  • Click Start
  • Click Control Panel
  • Click Ease of Access, and then Ease of Access Center
  • Click Make the mouse easier to use
  • Click "Control the mouse with the keyboard"
  • Select the Turn on Mouse Keys check box.

You can also turn on Mouse Keys by pressing Left Alt + Left Shift + Num Lock. Once activated, the mouse keys will be available each time you log into Windows.

Press Keypad Numbers to Move Mouse Pointer

Think of the mouse keys as arrow keys encircling the number 5 on your number pad. Pick the number whose arrow points where you want the pointer to go. Here's the breakdown:

  • 1 = Down and to the left
  • 2 = Down
  • 3 = Down and to the right
  • 4 = Left
  • 6 = Right
  • 7 = Up and to the left
  • 8 = Up
  • 9 = Up and to the right.

Selecting a Mouse Button

Before you can click on items using keys, you have to select which mouse button you want to activate: the left, the right, or both. Only one button at a time may be active.
  • Left mouse button = the forward slash (/)
  • Both buttons at once = the asterisk (*)
  • Right mouse button = the minus sign (-).

The selected button remains activated until another button is chosen.

Clicking & Dragging Objects

After activating a button, you can click items on your screen.

To execute a left or right click, move the pointer over the item and press 5. If both buttons are activated, move the pointer over the item and press the + plus sign (+).

To execute a double-click, activate the left mouse button, move the pointer over the item, and press the plus sign (+).

To drag an item, point to it and press zero (0). To drop the item, point to the location where you want to move it and press the decimal point (.).

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