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Suggestions and Strategies for Purchasing Assistive Technology Solutions

Most assistive technology costs more than tech products aimed at the general public. Fortunately, disabled people have more buying options. Funding sources covered on this page include Special Education, Vocational Rehabilitation, technology grants and loans, programs from disability organizations, employer accommodations, philanthropic organizations, and tax credits and deductions on purchases.
  1. Assistive Technology Grant & Loan Programs (1)
  2. Disability Organizations (6)
  3. State & Federal Programs (7)

Microsoft DisAbility Scholarship Helps Students Target Tech Careers
The Microsoft DisAbility Scholarship funds academic or vocational programs enabling high school seniors with disabilities to pursue careers in technology.

Search 40,000+ Assistive Devices on AbleData
AbleData is an online database containing over 40,000 assistive technology products as well as information on vendors, services, and organizations dedicated to helping persons with disabilities, rehabilitation professionals, and caregivers in the United States.

Top Assistive Technology Funding Sources
Assistive technology can change lives. Price tags on some products, however, prevent many from further exploring solutions. But there are ways to fund the technology you or your child needs. There are state and federal programs, disability organizations, charities, low-interest loan programs, and ways to purchase used equipment that make...

Help Paying for Assistive Technology
This section of Disability.gov provides articles, links, and resources on funding assistive technology, including information on federal programs such as the Alternative Financing Technical Assistance Project, a public funding source guide, loan programs for persons with disabilities, and how to write a report justifying an assistive technology need.

Rent Accessible E-Textbooks for Half the Price of Printed Ones
The Student E-rent Pilot Project (STEPP) enables blind & LD students to rent digital college textbooks at half price of printed ones they can read in an accessible format.

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