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Technology for Persons with Dyslexia and Other Cognitive Impairments

This page covers products designed to help those with learning disabilities and cognitive impairments to learn to read, write, and process information more effectively. Solutions include text-to-speech and word completion software, utilities that simplify computer navigation, cognitive software applications, and digital audiobook services and playback equipment.
  1. Assistive Technology for Math & Science Classes (6)
  2. Assistive Technology for Outlining & Organizing Ideas (1)
  3. Assistive Technology for Reading, Writing, & Communicating (29)

GW Mirco Lex Air Accessible Reading Station
GW Micro’s Lex Air is a portable camera system that attaches to a computer and uses Lex literacy software to make text more accessible.

Organize e-Books in School with Bookstream
Bookstream is an app that helps teachers organize free online books and e-book downloads in school from sources such as Bookshare to aid students who cannot read standard print.

My First Year as an Assistive Technology Specialist
Alyssa Marinaccio recounts her first year as an Assistive Technology Specialist in the Office of Disability Services at Keene State College, including creation of an online resource for low-cost accessibility apps and an alternative text station.

Documentary Debunks Myths on Dyslexia Symptoms & Treatment
The Big Picture is a documentary that debunks the myths and explores the stigmas associated with dyslexia. The film features prominent dyslexics such as Sir Richard Branson and addresses the issue of extra time afforded LD students to complete standardized tests.

LD Resources Foundation Awards Assistive Devices to College Students in Need
The LD Resources Foundation provides testing, mentoring, and an assistive technology awards program to help students with learning disabilities who demonstrate financial need to enter and to succeed in college.

ReadHowYouWant Sells and Publishes Braille, DAISY, & Large Print Books
ReadHowYouWant, based in Sydney, Australia, is a one-stop shop for books in accessible formats -- including braille, DAISY audio, and large print -- for readers who are blind, mobility impaired, or who have a learning disability.

Words & Numbers Picks Root-1 OpenMinds Platform for Interactive Learning Apps
Education is shifting away from traditional textbooks towards digital learning. Such courses enable students to learn at their own pace and, through the use of algorithms, help teachers track student performance. Words & Numbers recently partnered with Root-1 to develop new mobile learning apps using the OpenMinds open-source platform.

Convert Web Articles to Audio with SoundGecko
SoundGecko is a free service that converts web articles into audio MP3 files, providing readers with print disabilities -- such as visual impairments or dyslexia -- a convenient way to make online content more accessible.

What is an Assistive Technology Assessment?
An assistive technology assessment -- a collaborative process conducted by teachers and IEP teams -- helps identify which adaptive devices and technologies are most likely to help a student with a learning challenge achieve their goals.

What is a Smartpen?
Smart pens are mini-recorders that sync spoken words with notes students write on special paper, enabling retrieval of any part of a lecture by tapping the pen’s tip on words written during class. Livescribe's Echo is among the most popular smart pens.

IntoWords Helps Find the Right Words & Reduce Writing Errors
IntoWords is a free word suggestion app for the iPad and iPad mini designed to help persons with print and learning disabilities to write more effectively.

UNH Assistive Technology Lab Provides Adaptive Equipment & Accessibility Apps
For college students with disabilities, assistive technology is critical for success. An innovative University of New Hampshire AT Lab provides hundreds of students with adaptive equipment and mobile apps to make more courses accessible.

AbleNet Products Help All Disabilities Access Technology
AbleNet manufactures assistive technology devices and software that can help persons with learning disabilities and cognitive impairments read, express thoughts through writing, and organize ideas and schoolwork more effectively.

An Interview With Neil MacGregor
Students with learning disabilities struggle with reading and writing. Assistive technologies including screed readers, word prediction, and dictation software have proven extremely effective in providing that little bit of help students need to spell, pronounce, and remember words so they can build knowledge. Neil MacGregor of goQ Software was...

Change Behavior With MotivAider
The MotivAider clips to a belt or pocket like a phone pager and vibrates at preset intervals to help users maintain focus and develop or reinforce more productive habits. The device is designed to help modify behavior in students with learning disabilities or ADHD.

5 iPad Apps for Autistic & Developmentally Disabled Children
This list features five iPad apps designed to help young people with autism and other developmental disabilities communication more effectively.

Tech Labs Make Courses Accessible to Disabled College Students
Disability services organizations at schools such as the University of New Hampshire provide crucial assistive technology training and access for students with disabilities, as well as faculty and staff. UNH's AT Lab on its Durham campus helps nearly 750 students find and leverage the tools they need to participate in college-level courses.

Make College Textbooks Accessible
Finding accessible textbooks is crucial to academic success for many college students with disabilities. Solutions abound, but integrating them can be confusing and time-consuming. Diana Petschauer, who runs the Assistive Technology lab at the University of New Hampshire, offers four simple suggestions to help print-disabled readers find what...

Create an Alternative Text Station for Print Disabled to Access Class Materials
Creating an Alternative Text Station to make content accessible to print disabled students is a good idea, the law, and a simple project any school can do in less than an hour.

Texthelp Literacy Software is Assistive Technology for the Classroom
Texthelp, Inc. provides literacy solutions such as Read&Write GOLD that help LD students read, writer, and communicate more effectively.

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