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Words & Numbers Picks Root-1 OpenMinds Platform for Interactive Learning Apps

Digital Education Publisher Teams with Leading Algorithmic Innovator


Words & Numbers Picks Root-1 OpenMinds Platform for Interactive Learning Apps

Words & Numbers is a digital-first creator of interactive content used in education.

Words & Numbers
Updated November 12, 2012

Words & Numbers, a publisher of digital-first education content, is partnering with Root-1 and will use its OpenMinds Platform to help teachers turn content into interactive learning applications.

Root-1, which specializes in personalized, practice-based technology, will design a series of open-source apps that will enable publishers, curriculum developers, teachers, and gamers to input structured content -- including lessons, assessments, worksheets, and CORE and STEM curriculum -- and create interactive, mobile learning apps.

The apps are based on adaptive algorithms that analyze variables to measure and maximize learning. These include:

  • Past performance data
  • Speed to answer
  • Timing of questions
  • Layering of question types
  • Working memory.

The digital content can be accessed by and represented in a variety of mediums and forms, including:

  • Video
  • Free-form text
  • Assessment items
  • Skill practice.

Structured text can be reused algorithmically through well-defined application program interfaces (API). Students choose a content level with appropriate spacing and frequency to grasp and retain knowledge more efficiently.

The data is aggregated from a single user to anyone who plays the learning app or game. Game developers will have the ability to separate content creation from learning optimization on the front end -- an feature not available in most legacy game applications.

Word & Numbers and Root-1 have pre-populated OpenMinds with Language Arts content already being customized by teachers in some San Jose elementary schools.

Words & Numbers and Root-1 intend to work with schools, publishers, curriculum experts, and educational gamers to build a content repository to serve for multiple grade levels, subjects, and disciplines.

About Words & Numbers

Words & Numbers creates digital-first content for use in interactive and print textbooks, digital courses, and game-based learning. Its products leverage technology to improve academic performance for students of all ages.

About Root-1

Root-1 develops language-based learning products for middle- and high-school students. The company specializes in targeting algorithms based on user interaction with digital content. Founded in 2010 in Mountain View, CA, Root-1 has over 500,000 customers and was recognized by Fast Company (February 2012) as one of the 50 most innovative companies in the United States.

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