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ReadHowYouWant Sells and Publishes Braille, DAISY, & Large Print Books


ReadHowYouWant Sells and Publishes Braille, DAISY, & Large Print Books

ReadHowYouWant produces accessible books in digital formats such as braille, DAISY, and large print.


A One-Stop Shop for Text in Accessible Formats:

ReadHowYouWant is a publisher and online retailer of books in accessible formats, including braille, DAISY -- coded audio that enables readers to navigate through book sections -- and large print.

The books are designed especially for persons who have difficulty reading standard print, often as the result of a learning disability, visual impairment, or mobility limitation from a condition such as MS.

The company, based in Sydney, Australia, uses proprietary conversion technology its nearly 50 publishing partners use to produce reformatted books quickly and for roughly the same cost as standard print editions.

ReadHowYouWant titles include bestsellers, self-help, fiction, poetry, classics, as well as a broad range of general nonfiction.

The books are available at libraries worldwide and can be purchased online from ReadHowYouWant websites in the US, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and New Zealand, as well as through Amazon and Barns & Noble.com.

ReadHowYouWant Book Formats:

ReadHowYouWant produces books in four main formats:

  1. Large Print
  2. Braille
  3. DAISY
  4. Electronic Text;

1. Large Print & Super Large Print

ReadHowYouWant's large print books are can be tailored for different reading needs. Books are optimized to increase word recognition and to to stop the eye from moving to adjacent lines (eye tracking) by adjusting both word and line spacing and minimizing end-of-line hyphenations.

Books are produced in both large and super large print.

Large print font sizes include 11, 13, and 16-point; a 16-point all-bold edition is also available.

Super large print editions are produced in all bold in font sizes 18, 20, 24, 36, and 48-point.

2. Braille

ReadHowYouWant converts texts into three types of braille files: US literary, ASCII text, and Visual Braille.

The three-step publication process includes transcription and proofing of the text and XML files, conversion into braille, and formatting.

Transcribers contract only words found in the Carnegie Mellon Dictionary. All word-splitting hyphens from the print edition are removed. British English books are not translated into American English.


DAISY books are a set of audio, marked-up text, and synchronization files that enable readers to listen to and navigate through a text.

ReadHowYouWant converts print titles into DAISY using the Nuance Real Speak Solo engine to synthesize words into computer-generated speech. Users can select the narrator's gender, accent (US or UK), voice speed, and pitch.

The technology automatically checks for homographs and non-phonetic words and reads tables linearly.

4. Electronic Texts

ReadHowYouWant produces and sells its own e-books. It converts print-ready PDFs into XML files and generates editions optimized for different channels, including the Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle, and the MobiPocket Reader.

The company offers e-book producers three options: straight conversion, conversion + distribution, or partnerships, i.e. free conversion with profit sharing.

About ReadHowYouWant:

Electronic publishing pioneers Christopher Stephen and Greg Duncan the private company, and its parent, Accessible Publishing Systems Pty Ltd., in Sydney, Australia.

Stephen got involved in large-print publishing when his sister, who has MS, found it difficult to read published books. An eye-tracking problem made even large print hard to follow, till Stephen adjusted the font size and line spacing.

Stephen and Duncan began to research whether people with reading difficulties could benefit from text format changes.

The solutions they began to develop impressed on Stephen that it's the individual, and not the publisher, who should decide which format provides the most comfortable and efficient reading experience.

In addition to helping those with print disabilities, the growth of ReadHowYouWant reflects the growing market for accessible books among non-disabled readers.

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