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Computer Technology For Persons with Limited Motor Skills

If you’re unable to, or have difficulty using a standard keyboard and mouse, this page explains different accessibility options for computers. Such things as alternative keyboards, touch screens, Morse code input switches, head and eye-actuated pointing devices, and speech recognition software give people with mobility impairments full access to computer and Internet technology.
  1. Alternative Computer Input Devices (23)
  2. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) (22)

Expand Mobility & Independence with ADA Paratransit Services
Paratransit services provide accessible, low-cost transportation to persons with disabilities and mobility limitations in many cities that have fixed-route bus systems.

Spaulding Hospital Rehabilitation Services Offer Adaptive Equipment
Boston Assistive Technology Center director Peggy Dellea discusses adaptive technology assessment and training services at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

6 Accessible Bikes
Assistive technology that makes recreation accessible can be life changing. One bike ride can make a disabled child feel more normal and connected than any app, teaching approach, or audiobook. This article looks at six.

US Department of Education Extends Sports Access to Students with Disabilities
A January 2013 US Department of Education directive requires schools to offer sports access to disabled students. In this interview, Terri Lakowski (CEO, Active Policy Solutions) discusses the new guidance to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, in terms of what schools must do and students with disabilities can expect.

Find Accessible Businesses with AbleRoad iOS App
AbleRoad is an app and website that enables persons with disabilities to find, rate, and review local shops, restaurants, theaters and other businesses based on their accessibility to persons with mobility, sight, hearing, or cognitive impairments.

Tetra Society Creates Custom Aids for Persons with Physical Disabilities
The Tetra Society of North America is a volunteer-driven nonprofit based in Vancouver, British Columbia that creates accessibility solutions not commercially available for persons with disabilities.

Bank of America Accessibility
Like most large financial institutions, Bank of America uses assistive technology, including screen-reader compatible websites and Talking ATMs, to make banking more accessible for persons with disabilities.

Organize School e-Books with Bookstream
Bookstream helps teachers organize e-book downloads for students with print disabilities, including those with mobility impairments that make it hard to hold a book or turn pages.

AbleNet Products Help All Disabilities Access Technology
AbleNet develops adaptive solutions that can enable persons with mobility limitations to access books, navigate computers and the Internet, and communicate with others. Their products include input switches, environmental controls, and AAC apps.

Build Better Accommodation Solutions for Less
In this interview, Dr. Therese Willkomm, director of Assistive Technology in New Hampshire (ATinNH), discusses her approach to ad hoc innovations that have made her the “MacGyver” of assistive technology.

Access Talking Books from the National Library Service
For readers whose mobility impairments make it hard hold or manipulate standard print materials, the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped offers over 80,000 classic and popular audiobooks, many of which can be downloaded from the Internet.

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