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Accessible Cell Phones and Apps for Notepads and Other Mobile Devices

Disabled people on the go use mobile devices as much as anybody. Apple and Google now build accessibility into the iPhone and Android products. Whether your disability affects vision, hearing, or mobility, there are product features and apps to make your smart phone, netbook, or e-book reader more accessible. This page shows you how to use your mobile devices where and when you need to.
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Smartphone and Service for The Blind & Visually Impaired
Project  RAY and Odin Mobile offer America’s first accessible smartphone and full cell coverage designed specifically for persons who are blind or visually impaired.

Research, Highlight, and Organize Online Content with Read&Write Web
Read&Write Web Apps enable students with print disabilities to access a literacy toolbar that helps make online content easier to search, read, capture, and organize.

Text Any Business with TalkTo App
TalkTo is a mobile app for Android and the iPhone that enables users to text any business -- just as they would a friend -- to avoid time-consuming phone calls.

Transforming the Classroom: Tablets as Assistive Technology
Chad Udell of Float Mobile Learning feels tablets such as the iPad have fundamentally changed how we interact with the world and offer special needs students unprecedented access to assistive technology that enables them to learn.

UNH Assistive Technology Lab Provides Adaptive Equipment & Accessibility Apps
College disability service offices can be a great training resource where students with disabilities can learn about mobile device accessibility and education apps.

Top iPhone Apps for the Blind & Visually Impaired
This article looks at 10 apps that make Apple iOS X products more accessible for people who are blind or visually impaired. Most apps for the blind are designed to enlarge screens for easier reading or to read aloud the contents of scanned documents.

5 iPad Apps for Autistic & Developmentally Disabled Children
This list features five iPad apps designed to help young people with autism and other developmental disabilities communication more effectively.

Handy Tech Mobile Access Payment (MAP) Program
Handy Tech North America's Mobile Access Payment (MAP) Plan helps blind smart phone users one-year, interest-free financing for its enhanced mobile screen readers and GPS software developed by Code Factory.

Jitterbug J Cell Phone for Seniors
The Jitterbug J offers seniors a simple cell phone that is easier to see, hear, and use than most others on the market. It's the ideal phone for those who still relish old comforts such as a dial tone and live operator assistance.

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