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Research, Highlight, and Organize Online Content with Read&Write Web

Toolbar Lets Users Listen to Text, Look Up New Words, & Access Bookshare


Research, Highlight, and Organize Online Content with Read&Write Web

Read&Write Web Apps enables print-disabled readers to access online literacy tools on the PC, Mac, or mobile device.

Texthelp Systems
Updated September 05, 2013

Read&Write Web Apps are a set of mobile apps that provide access to Read&Write GOLD literacy tools from within a web browser.

Each app provides a toolbar that sits atop most applications. The buttons help users -- especially those with print disabilities -- make reading web content, researching topics, and writing email and text messages easier.

Though accessible on most PC and Mac machines, the Read&Write Web cloud-based applications are optimized for use on mobile devices (e.g. iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch), and work on most browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Bring Read&Write GOLD to Your Mobile Device

Texthelp offers six Read&Write Web apps:

  1. Read&Write Web
  2. Read&Write for Google Docs
  3. eBook Reader
  4. Dictionary
  5. Speech
  6. Spelling.

Read&Write Web: The Read&Write Web toolbar includes most of the flagship product's support tools, including:

  • Text-to-Speech: Reads HTML content aloud with dual-color highlighting
  • Fact Finder: Helps users research, collect, and organize the facts they find
  • Translator: Translates selected words and provides proper pronunciation

Read&Write Web also supports the Dictionary, Picture Dictionary, Speech, Spelling, and the Study Skills Highlighter, among others.

Read&Write for Google Docs: This app is a free extension for the Chrome web browser that provides all the standard toolbar features found it Read&Write Web. Read&Write for Google Docs makes it easy for collaboration "in the cloud."

eBook Reader: The eBook reader provides one-click access to your Bookshare account. Members can search for titles, download, open, and read any e-book. You can also play the book and follow the text's dual-color highlighting as you listen. You can adjust speech and reading options, and manage your bookshelf. The app includes all Read&Write Web support tools.

Dictionary: The Dictionary App lets you look up words, hear definitions read aloud, and, when available, view images associated with the word. Dictionary is designed to fit the smaller screens on mobile devices and is an ideal tool for composing error-free emails and when reading online content.

Speech: The Speech App reads aloud any text you type, select, or paste and provides dual-color highlighting. The app has many uses, including sending accurate text messages on your smart phone.

Spelling: The Spelling App provides spelling suggestions for selected words and includes picture images and text definitions that you can listen to and read along with dual-color highlighting -- a convenient way to add accuracy to writing done on a mobile device.

Visit Texthelp online for more information on Read&Write Web Apps, including introductory videos.

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