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En-Vision America's ScripTalk Reads Prescription Information Aloud

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En-Vision America's ScripTalk Reads Prescription Information Aloud

Just point the bottom of the pill bottle near the ScripTalk Station Reader and hear label details read aloud. ScripTalk retrieves information from a small, infrared label sticker the pharmacist creates and affixes to the bottle.

En-Vision America, Inc.

The Bottom Line

With wider availability, the ScripTalk Station Reader from Envision America will save lives by eliminating medication errors among seniors and persons with vision and mobility impairments. It alleviates fears of misreading or forgetting instructions. The free device also offers users a more private, independent means of managing their medications.

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  • Alleviates fears of taking the wrong medication or dose
  • Enables seniors to manage medications safely and independently
  • Simple to use: just point the bottom of the bottle at the machine and press round "Read" button
  • Arrow buttons provide easy means to navigate label sections
  • Can retrieve label data from any type of prescription container


  • Technology has been slow to catch on with the larger chains such as Walgreens' and CVS
  • Accessing service may necessitate changing pharmacies


  • ScripTalk Station reads prescription information off a chip affixed to the bottom of a pill bottle.
  • The unit is small and rounded with a straight back with three navigation buttons at the bottom of the machine.
  • Users point the bottom of the bottle near the device, which scans the chip and reads the label data aloud.
  • The chip feels like a small, rounded sticker with a tiny antenna protruding from it.
  • Everything printed on the label is read aloud, including dose instructions, refills remaining, and pharmacy phone number.
  • The "Next" (down) and "Prev" (up) arrows flanking the round "Read" button let users jump among label sections.

Guide Review - En-Vision America's ScripTalk Reads Prescription Information Aloud

Misreading medication instructions can be a matter of life or death. Each year, prescription errors and adverse reactions cause nearly 2 million injuries.

Medication mistakes are a leading cause of death and injury among America's surging senior population - a demographic that often struggles to read or remember what's printed on each pill bottle.

En-Vision America's ScripTalk Station Reader makes managing medications safe, stress-free, and private. ScripTalk uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) and text-to-speech technology to read aloud label data stored on a small sticker affixed to the bottom of the bottle.

The pharmacy must be equipped with ScripTalk to transfer data onto the special infrared labels. To date, the Pharmacy Freedom program has approximately 100 affiliates throughout the United States, according to Anna McClure, En-Vision America's marketing and industry relations director.

ScripTalk Station is free for seniors and those with vision and print disabilities. En-Vision America encourages potential users to register on their website to access the nearest pharmacy offering the service. The company also seeks to raise awareness among big pharmaceutical chains of the growing need for this technology.

At present, ScripTalk is available mostly in private pharmacy businesses.

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