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Tactile Vision iPad Guide for Blind & Low-Vision Users

Displays 24 Screenshots in Raised Line Drawings, Braille & Large Print


Tactile Vision iPad Guide for Blind & Low-Vision Users

The iPad Tactile Screenshot Quick Reference Guide orients blind users on the popular iOS tablet.

National Braille Press
Updated September 18, 2013

iOS mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, are popular among users who are blind or visually impaired.

Two reasons for this are Apple's integration of assistive technologies (e.g. VoiceOver screen reader and Zoom magnification) into its operating system, and a growing number of apps designed for low-vision users.</>

Accessibility, however, can't help a person who doesn't know a device's layout and how to navigate to various functions.

One orientation solution for blind iPad users is the iPad Tactile Screenshot Quick Reference iOS 6 by Tom Dekker and Tactile Vision Inc, based in Mississauga, Ontario and sold in the US through National Braille Press.

This 24-page book uses braille, large print, and tactile screenshot diagrams (raised-line representations) showing blind users what's on their iPad, where it's located, and how to get to it. The print images appear on the left, raised line drawings and braille on the right.

This new book is similar to the iPhone Tactile Screenshot Quick Reference Guide, published last year.

The raised-line representations depict items such as:

  • Camera button and lenses
  • The Unlock screen
  • Home screen app icons
  • Keypad layout
  • Settings

The book also explores accessing and using popular apps, such as:

  • Messages
  • Add event pop up
  • The App Store
  • iBooks (including sample book page & TOC)
  • iTunes.

Readers can become more adept at finding icons and elements onscreen and how to manipulate and interact with them.

The book is designed so users can explore diagrams with one hand while swiping through screen elements with the other. The diagrams also provide a practice pad for navigation gestures and motions.

This tactile guide is also intended for use with National Braille Press teaching texts, such as iOS Success: Making the iPad Accessible: A Guide for Teachers and Parents, by Larry L. Lewis.

The iPad Tactile Screenshot Quick Reference 1OS 6

By Tom Dekker and Tactile Vision Inc.

24 pages (Print + Braille), $27.

Order online from National Braille Press or call 800.548.7323.

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