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Fleksy Gives Blind iOS Users Top-Speed Typing Access

App Reads Patterns to Identify Words & Speaks Them Aloud


Fleksy Gives Blind iOS Users Top-Speed Typing Access

Fleksy is an iOS app that analyzes and auto-corrects what's typed on a virtual keypad, enabling blind people to type as fast as any other user.


Fleksy is an iOS typing app that uses an auto-correct engine and keystroke pattern analysis to recognize the words one wants to type.

Just tap the touchscreen in the general vicinity of a letter's position on a QWERTY keyboard and Fleksy -- using next-generation word prediction technology -- deciphers the desired word.

The app was designed to enable blind and visually impaired people to type on an iPhone screen with far greater speed and accuracy than any current onscreen or Bluetooth keyboard.

How Fleksy Works

Fleksy provides a standard QWERTY keyboard that is 114% larger than the iPhone keypad.

The keyboard has no space bar, shift key, caps lock, or punctuation. You access and choose these functions as you type.

You type the same way you would on any keyboard. The difference is you need only tap near each key. You can get each letter wrong, and still get the right word.

For example, to type the word "the," just tap above the home row near the center for the "t," down and to the right for the "h," and near the upper left of the keyboard for the "e."

Fleksy speaks each typed word aloud. If correct, a single finger flick to the right enters that word.

If the word is wrong -- more common when typing two-letter words -- flick down through a list of alternatives. When you hear the correct word, continue typing. Fleksy will add it automatically.

The Fleksy keyboard can be used for manual typing as well.

Note: As Fleksy has its own speech engine, you must turn VoiceOver off to use it and enable "Keyboard Clicks" under Settings < Sounds.

Fleksy provides a shortcuts menu to send text as an email, tweet, or SMS message, or to copy text into another other application on a mobile device.

Currently, Fleksy is only available in English. Its developer, Syntellia, plans to support other languages, including Spanish and French in the near future.

Fleksy costs $15 and can be purchased from the App Store. The app requires iOS 5.0. The file size is 2 MB.

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