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Use Siri Vloice-Activated iPhone Assistant


Use the Siri Voice-Activated iPhone Assistant

The Siri voice-activated personal assistant lets iPhone set appointments, send messages, and search the web.

Apple, Inc.

Siri Lets iPhone 4S Users Speak Text and Email Messages & Hear Replies:

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Siri is a voice-activated personal assistant Apple introduced in the iPhone 4S that provides conversational interaction with applications, including text messaging, email, web browsing, and music.

The application executes commands, answers questions, and provides information by connecting to various web services.

Siri has been called the first artificial intelligence application; Apple claims it understands what users' queries mean and can incorporate that knowledge to fine-tune future responses.

Siri supports English, German, and French.

Siri Understands What Users Mean as Well as What They Say:

What separates Siri from previous speech and voice recognition programs is its ability to parse natural language in addition to recognizing words and simple commands.

Siri recognizes and remembers patterns in user queries and provides personalizes results based on preferences.

For example, if you've just asked Siri about local seafood restaurants, and then ask, "How about pizza?" it remembers you're talking about restaurants, and will furnish a list of area pizza places.

Similarly, Siri can remind you to call home on leaving work. A geographic parameter alert tells Siri you've left, prompting a verbal reminder.

Key Uses for Siri Personal Assistant:

Siri Personal Assistant for the iPhone 4S lets you send voice, text, and email messages with your voice. It will read back your message before sending, and read aloud any responses.

The application also enables users to schedule meetings, create reminders, check stocks, sports scores, and the weather.

For the weather, you can ask Siri, “Do I need an umbrella?” Siri will display the forecast for your location. Blind and visually impaired users can listen to the results using VoiceOver.

In addition to weather forecasts, Siri can search Wikipedia, schedule calendar appointments, set work reminders, and search Google Maps.

Siri figures out which apps to use and what contacts you’re referencing. It retrieves answers from web sources such as Yelp and Wolfram Alpha.

Using Location Based Services (LBS), Siri retrieves your current location and provides you with information and options based on your location, whether at work, school, or on vacation.

Siri can also be used as an alarm clock and will play any song you request from your iTunes library.

Using Siri to Take Dictation

Like any voice recognition program, Siri can take dictation, which is useful for writing notes, messages, and searching the web.

To use this feature, tap the microphone icon on the keyboard, say what you want to say, and then tap “Done.”

The iPhone converts your words into text. Dictation also works with third-party apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Apple acquired Siri in 2010 and sold it through iTunes. After making it a centerpiece of the iPhone 4S, released in October 2011, Apple removed the application from iTunes.

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