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RxmindMe Pill Reminder App for iOS Devices

Receive Alerts When It's Time to Take Your Medication


RxmindMe Pill Reminder App for iOS Devices

RxmindMe is a free medication reminder app and prescription tracker for iOS devices.

RxmindMe, LLC
Updated January 11, 2013

For some persons with disabilities, taking medication is a crucial for managing pain and maintaining health. Remembering to take pills, or whether you already have today, can be difficult.

RxmindMe is a free mobile app that enables users to manage medications and set audio reminders on their iOS device for taking or refilling prescription drugs.

The app provides a secure place for storing one's medication information, tracking use history, and digitizing data you can export via email and import into Excel or Numbers spreadsheets.

For persons who are blind or visually impaired, RxMindMe is compatible with Apple's VoiceOver screen reader.

RxmindMe App Features

  • Reminders: Set reminders to sound hourly, daily, or on specified dates
  • FDA Database: Provides medication searches and speeds data entry
  • Multitasking: Reminders audible regardless of application in use
  • Passcode: Restricts access to your prescription information
  • Data access: Export prescription data via email; import into Excel or Numbers spreadsheet
  • Historical tracking: Stores past prescriptions and when medication was taken
  • Security: Prescriptions are stored on your iOS device; no information is ever sent to outside servers

Using the RxmindMe App

RxmindMe's main screen has five tabs at the bottom: Today's, Reminders, Medications, Contact Us, and More.

The Today's tab lists daily reminders with color codes indicating status: medications taken (gray), missed (red), and ones coming up (black).

The Reminder and Medication tabs are the heart of the app. You must add medications before you can create reminders.

Adding Medications

To add a prescription, tap the Medication tab and then tap the + sign. You can also swipe to delete an entry, or tap a row to make edits.

Enter the information manually using your device's keypad. To save time, find your prescription by typing the first few letters in FDA database.

To add a time, tap the + sign on the Add Time row on the Daily Reminder tab. Flick the number wheels to set the time.

Creating Reminders

To add a reminder, tap the Reminder tab and then tap the + button.

Select the type of reminder you want. They can be set to recur hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or on specific dates.

Tap on any reminder to view its details, including time, dosage, pharmacy, etc. When you take a medication, check the box beside its name on the reminder row. This will subtract that day's dose from your supply. The number of pills remaining is displayed on the right corner of the row.

Tap the Options button to delete a reminder or to add a note.

Tap "More" to change notification sounds, export data to an HTML or CSV file, set a passcode, or view a tutorial. There's also a function enabling users to simultaneously reschedule all reminders in the app.

RxmindMe provides 5 notification sounds, including a fire engine, synthesizer, and drums, that play at the times you set. There is also a silent setting that alerts via vibration.

Export Data lets you send prescription information or history (for the past 30, 60, or 90 days or all) as a CSV file. Selection opens an email with the CSV file attached.

To create a 4-digit passcode, tap Passcode Setup > Turn On Passcode. Enter numbers on the number pad. Users must enter their code to open RxMindMe and reinstall the app if the code is forgotten.

RxmindMe comes with a 6-screen tutorial that walks users through its basic functions. Tap "Contact Us" on the main screen to email support.

About the RxmindMe App

RxmindMe, version 02.11.00 -- a free download from the App Store -- works on any iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch running iOS 4 or later. The file size is 7.3 MB.

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