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Avaz AAC App Helps Autistic Children Develop Communication Skills

AAC App for Android & iPad Provides Access to 15,000+ Symbols


Avaz AACP displaying pictures of food

The Avaz AAC app gives nonverbal children words and symbols they need to communicate.

Invention Labs Engineering Products, Pvt, Ltd.

Avaz is a picture communication app for Android and the iPad that helps nonverbal and autistic children develop language and communication skills.

The app -- developed by Invention Labs Engineering Products in collaboration with 25 schools and 500 children -- is also designed to help teachers, therapists, and caregivers interact more effectively with children with impaired speech and language functions.  

In addition to autism, Avaz may also be useful for children with Down syndrome, Angelman syndrome, Aspergers, and Apraxia.

How Avaz Works

With Avaz, children create messages using picture symbols and synthetic speech.

Avaz Pro comes with 3 research-based, graded picture vocabularies and a Core Words set to help a child begin communicating -- vocabularies designed to generate spontaneous novel utterance, i.e. transcending mere usage to attain generalized knowledge from word meanings.

The app also facilitates transition from picture messaging to text with a keyboard that saving and loading text, a Quick response bar for frequently-used messages, and picture-assisted text prediction for sight readers.

Avaz Main Features

  • Settings Wizard: Configure settings and customize Avaz for a child's learning needs in minutes
  • Built-in Speech: 7 Acapela voices and enables users to record their own voice
  • Symbols & Images: 15,000+ Symbolstix symbols; supports user images
  • Morphology Options: Word tenses, plurals, and adjective comparisons enable users to be more expressive.
  • Instant Search: Explore new vocabulary more easily
  • Word Prediction: Use pictures to prompt predicted words to improve sight reading.
  • Visual Reinforcement: Animations and zoom-ins help reinforce learning
  • Session Tracking: Track sessions while working on the app, i.e. instead of note-taking; press button to pause or stop data logging; receive therapy logs in the mail
  • Social Media: Share messages via email, or post to Facebook or Twitter
  • Easy Backup and Restoration: Use either iTunes or Dropbox
  • Help Screen: Access Help on all pages
  • Video Tutorial: Provides a quick introduction to Avaz’ features and functions.

Other features include the ability to remove distracting onscreen content, control over speech output, and a high-contrast display for easier viewing. Avaz also works without an active Internet connection.

Avaz Pro 3.0 ($99.99), developed by Invention Labs Engineering Products, requires iOS 6.0 and is compatible with the iPad. Supported languages: English and Danish. File size: 452 MB.

Avaz Lite 2.9.1 (free) is a scaled-down version (file size: 271 MB) through which you can access a 7-day promotional subscription to Avaz Pro.

The Avaz AAC App for Autism on Google Play ($99.99) requires Android version 2.2. File size: 323 MB.    

Video tours and tutorials of Avaz are available on the Invention Labs Engineering website.


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