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iLearnNEarn 2nd Generation ABA-Based Autism App

Integrated Curriculum Covers 200 Life Skills Across Multiple Domains


WebTeam Corporation’s iLearnNEarn uses Applied Behavior Analysis to teach persons with autism.

iLearNEarn facilitates learning, intervention, and skill acquisition for persons with autism.

WebTeam Corporation

iLearnNEarn, 2nd Generation is a touchscreen app that facilitates basic learning, intervention, and continued skill acquisition for persons with autism spectrum disorder using an integrated curriculum developed by Eden Autism Services.

The two-part series, “Special Infant-Toddler” and “School and Adult,” builds on WebTeam Corporation’s iLearnNEarn program based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

The Special Infant & Toddler app is a gaming model that uses touchscreen kiosks and mobile devices to deliver ABA-based intervention to young children with autism.

The School and Adult app covers about 200 skills at the primary, intermediate, and secondary levels in domains such as self-care, domestic, and vocational and integrates Assessment, Program and Teaching modules into a seamless, accessible library of learning activities.

The program can be run on any iOS, Windows, or Android device, with or without internet connectivity.

For both series, you can use the Assessment module to define a student’s IEP goals, then create a customized program, or choose one from a list of templates. Teachers can tailor programs to meet individual learning needs, while using their preferred intervention method.

The desktop version of the app uses WebTeam’s patent-pending audio- and video-monitoring technology. The program also comes with customization features, including a free selection of images, audios, videos, and interactive points for program creation.

iLearnNEarn2 – School and Adult Series Features

  • Comprises about 200 skills
  • Covers key learning domains such as Self-care, Domestic, Vocational, Physical Education/Leisure
  • Comes with Students, Assessments, and Programs modules
  • Supports programs creation and assignment
  • Offers a variety of Program templates
  • Auto log of Play sessions
  • Churns out Reports to evaluate progress.

iLearnNEarn 2nd Generation – Special Infant-Toddler/School and Adult Series, version 1.3.0 (February 22, 2014) from WebTeam Corporation sells for $149.99 and is compatible with iPads running iOS 5.1 or later or Android devices, version 2.2 or later. 

About Eden Autism Services

Eden Autism Services is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with autism. Its services include early intervention, individualized education, employment training and placement, and an outreach program providing best-practices training for parents, teachers, and professionals in the autism community.

About WebTeam Corporation

WebTeam Corporation designs, develops, and promotes technologies for education and distance learning and training, including touchscreen kiosks for the classroom. WebTeam began in 2005 as a subsidiary of the professional staffing services firm, Rangam Consultants Inc. at a time when autism intervention in the classroom was largely unstructured. In addition to intervention programs, WebTeam has also partnered with experts in the Autism community to develop tools and apps in areas such as mood tracking, screening, and data reporting.

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