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Screen Reading Software for Blind & Visually Impaired Computer Users

Screen reading or screen access software speaks aloud what's on a computer screen, including desktop icon labels, document contents, and drop-down and tool bar menu items. Screen readers also speak each keystroke, provide auditory cues (like the ping indicating the cursor is in a search field), and an audible hierarchy for navigating within and among applications. This page reviews popular screen readers and articles on how blind and visually impaired people can use them more effectively.

Window-Eyes Screen Reader Makes PC Programs Accessible to Blind Users
Window-Eyes is GW Micro’s screen reader that converts commands into synthetic speech to make Windows applications more accessible to blind PC users.

I-MerSee Accessible Social Networking Portal for the Blind
iMersee is an accessible social network for blind and visually impaired persons that also provides access to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter feeds.

Select & Speak Lets Chrome Users Listen to Any Website Text
Select and Speak is a free Chrome extension that reads user-selected web text aloud, providing persons with print disabilities a simple way to make online articles and other content immediately accessible.

What is VoiceOver?
VoiceOver is a screen reader built into the operating system of all Apple OS X and iOS products that makes the machines accessible to blind and visually impaired users. VoiceOver reads text and app names aloud and provides audible cues to aid navigation.

From Cell Phone to iPhone
Blind professional Daniel Saynuk finds the iPhone both accessible and an integral part of his daily life. It performs key functions and provides information -- from the correct time to currency identification -- where and whenever he needs it.

Screen Readers Make Online Banking Accessible
Blind and visually impaired persons can bank safely online using a screen reader such as JAWS for Windows to access and navigate each section of a bank’s website.

Improve Screen Reading Skills With Free Hadley Online Courses
The Hadley School for the Blind offers free online courses to help students and aspiring professionals hone their screen reading, Internet, word processing, and Microsoft Excel skills.

Make Talking Photos with Fotobabble
Digital photos are the most commonly shared form of online content. A visual impairment can make it difficult to use this popular medium to connect with others. Fotobabble offers a way to add audio captions to photos and share them instantly. This website and mobile app enable blind and visually impaired computer users to send, organize, and...

Free Screen Reader Lets Blind Browse Web from Any Computer
WebAnywhere is a free remote screen reader that enables blind persons to browse the web from virtually any computer that is capable of sound.

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