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ZoomText Mac Screen Magnification Software

Font Smoothing Enhances Clarity Over Apple's Built-in Zoom


ZoomText Mac Screen Magnification Software

ZoomText Mac enhancement tools, including an enlarged cursor, make onscreen objects easier to see.

Ai Squared
Updated February 28, 2013

ZoomText Mac is screen magnification software that enables persons with visual impairments to enlarge what's displayed onscreen to make using a Mac computer (OS X 10.7 or higher) more accessible.

The program, developed by Ai Squared, delivers many of the same functions found in ZoomText, the popular PC version.

In addition to magnification, ZoomText Mac provides visual enhancement tools that enable users to adjust contrast, maintain clarity while enlarging text (font smoothing), and make onscreen objects such as the cursor and mouse pointer easier to see and locate.

While OS X and iOS devices have Zoom, a built-on magnification program, some ZoomText Mac features -- presented on an Ai Squared product video -- can further enhance image clarity and visibility of onscreen objects, e.g. cursor location.

ZoomText Mac Main Product Features

  • Magnification: Magnifies onscreen items up to 36x. Increase from 2x to 8x in steps of one; 10x to 16x in steps of two; and 20x to 36x in steps of four. Fractional powers (1x to 2x, 2.5x) are also available.
  • Font Smoothing:ZoomText Mac sharpens images as it magnifies, maintaining clarity of letters and images up through 36x.
  • Tracking: As you navigate using the mouse, type, or use menus, dialog boxes, and other program controls, the zoom window automatically scrolls to display what you're trying to see.
  • Image Sharpening:
Our custom smoothing techniques display images sharper at every magnification level.
  • Zoom Windows: ZoomText Mac offers two magnification methods: Full Screen and Lens, which size is adjustable.

ZoomText Mac Screen Enhancements

In addition to magnifying text, images, and objects, ZoomText Mac also provides enhancement tools to make it easier to locate and use onscreen navigation elements.

To improve clarity and to reduce eyestrain while reading, the program offers seven high-contrast color schemes:

  1. Invert Brightness
  2. Reverse Video
  3. Black on White
  4. White on Black
  5. Blue on Beige
  6. Yellow on Black
  7. Yellow on Blue.

Mouse Pointer
Finding the mouse pointer can be difficult and frustrating for persons with low vision.

ZoomText Mac provides three options to make the pointer more visible onscreen:

  1. Size Settings: If "Normal" isn't big enough, select "Large" or "Extra Large" under "Enhancements"
  2. Color: Change the pointer color to red, green, blue, or yellow
  3. Locators: Frame the pointer in a "Circle" or "Crosshair" to make it stand out even more.

Text Cursor
As with the mouse pointer, finding the cursor, especially on web pages and in email applications, can also be difficult.

ZoomText Mac provides three cursor schemes to help it stand out onscreen:

  1. Blue Wedge
  2. Green Circle
  3. Red Frame.

In addition to marking the cursor location, each enhancement follows along as you type.

Focus Schemes
Recognizing what controls or menu items can be activated from the keyboard (i.e. have focus) can be difficult.

ZoomText Mac's Focus Enhancement enables users to see immediately what keyboard controls are active on any given screen. Choose the red flame or thick green underline to mark controls.

ZoomText Mac ($399) is available for a limited time for $299. Until March 15th, 2013, PC single-license holders can add ZoomText Mac for $99 ($149 thereafter).

Download a free 30-day trial of ZoomText Mac or call 800.859.0270 for more information.

Each week, Ai Squared hosts free, hourlong webinars featuring product demonstrations and Q&A. Sign up to participate or watch it the following week online.

About Ai Squared

Ai Squared (Manchester Center, VT) develops assistive technology -- notably ZoomText screen magnification software -- for persons with visual impairments. Its products, which also include ZoomReader, the i-loview Video Magnifier, ZoomText Large-Print Keyboard, and ZoomText Express, are sold in 45 countries worldwide.

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