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Read Bar Codes, Make Audio Labels with Digit-Eyes

App Helps Blind iOS Users Shop & Organize the Home


Read Bar Codes, Make Audio Labels with Digit-Eyes

Digit-Eyes is an iOS bar code reader app that also enables blind users to make text and audio labels.

Digital Miracles, L.L.C.

Digit-Eyes is an iOS app for scanning bar codes and making print and audio labels. It's designed to give blind and visually impaired people greater access to product information and means to identifying and organizing items in the home.

The app uses VoiceOver, Apple's built-in screen reader, to read five types of bar codes, including UPC (Universal Product Code) and EAN (European Article Number) labels. Users can also record audio labels to place on objects and later scan and replay them using their iOS device.

The app also has a free website where users can create and print PDF files of their Digit-Eyes text and audio labels.

Digit-Eyes is useful for identifying canned goods, organizing book-, CD-, and DVD collections, and for creating appointments and reminders to put on calendars.

Using Digit-Eyes

To use Digit-Eyes, you must activate VoiceOver. To do so, go to Home > Settings > General > Accessibility. Select VoiceOver and slide the button to the right.

To hear a bar code read aloud, point the iOS device camera on it. The Digit-Eyes online database bar code labels for over 25 million consumer goods.

Digit-Eyes reads five bar code types:

  1. UPC & EAN manufacturer codes with extensive database of product names and information
  2. Standard QR (quick response) text labels made using an inkjet printer
  3. Customized QR audio labels
  4. Code 3 of 9 inventory tags
  5. Code 128 Serial number tags.

Users make their own specially coded bar code labels on Digit-Eyes' website. Text labels can include up to 100 characters of text. For audio labels, a 64 GB iPhone can easily store over 4,000 hours of user-recorded information

To listen to a label, re-scan it with your device. VoiceOver reads text labels aloud.

Digit-Eyes Printer & Label Support

Any inkjet or laser printer capable of printing full-sized sheets of US standard (8 ½ x 11) or A4 paper will work with Digit-Eyes.

For label paper, Digit-Eyes supports most standard Avery layouts and equivalent sizes from other manufacturers.

The Digit-Eyes website maintains a list of supported labels and can, on request, set up non-standard labels to work with the app.

Digit-Eyes also sells pre-printed washable vinyl labels. These labels can be used to organize clothing and are washing machine and dryer-safe.

Digit-Eyes is available in many languages in addition to English, including: Danish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

Digit-Eyes Products, Pricing & Support

Digit-Eyes costs $19.99, a price that includes the audio label recording option, UPC/EAN reader, code 3-of-9 and code 128 inventory tag readers. You can buy the UPC/EAN reader alone for $9.99.

Purchase also includes free use of Digit-Eyes website -- including tutorials designed for blind iPhone users -- and online support.

The app works on the iPhone (3G or later), iPad 3, and iPod touch. In addition to an iOS device, users need an inkjet printer and a package of address labels

Digit-Eyes offers a far less expensive bar code scan-and-read solution compared with dedicated devices such as En-Vision America's i.d. mate OMNI or audio labeler such as the PenFriend.

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