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Optelec ClearView+ Speech CCTV

Listen to Printed Documents with Point & Reader Interface


Optelec ClearView+ Speech Desktop Video Magnifier

The Optelec ClearView+ Speech CCTV features a touchscreen with "point and read" technology.


The Optelec ClearView+ Speech is a desktop video magnifier designed to enable persons with low vision to enlarge text and images to make reading or viewing easier.

The CCTV features built-in text-to-speech and an integrated touchscreen with "point and read" technology. This function lets users select all or part of a document (it automatically recognizes paragraphs) with a finger tap to the screen to have content read aloud.

Such magnifiers are popular among low-vision users, including seniors and persons with eye conditions such as macular degeneration for reading bills, newspapers, labels, and instructions and for viewing digital photographs.

The ClearView+ Speech is the latest machine to combine clear, human-sounding speech with a high-definition, high-contrast display, and the ability to create, save, and documents with simple onscreen commands.

One great feature the ClearView+ Speech offers is a full-page view -- orientation that can help make reading magnified text more efficient.

The Optelec ClearView+ Speech is available as a complete system or as a separate module, i.e. an upgrade to another ClearView+ model.

Optelec ClearView + Speech Product Benefits

  • Monitor: 24" HD Touchscreen (1 of 5 available)
  • Magnification: Continuous from 1X to 95X, depending on model
  • Text-to-Speech: Reduce reading fatigue by listening to long documents read aloud in 60 different voices and 30 languages
  • Sound Quality: Built-in high quality stereo speakers and headphone port
  • Point & Read: Point directly at a column, paragraph, or word to have it read aloud
  • Full Page Overview: Capture the entire document for effective reading orientation
  • Layout Recognition: The ClearView+ recognizes structural elements for quicker, easier navigation, e.g. swipe finger to scroll through the magnified text or photos
  • High-Contrast Settings: Make text easier to read; view pictures in original color
  • Document & Photo Storage: Makes retrieving files and photos easy; Picture viewer options include with zoom and slideshow
  • Ergonomic Design: Monitor moves forward, i.e. closer to one's face, for greater visibility
  • Warranty: 3-year limited warranty
  • Compatibility: The speech function can be added to all existing ClearView+ models

Note:The ClearView+ Speech is offered as a complete system or separate module. Optelec enable users to customize their solution by offering 5 different monitor sizes (from 24" HD to 18.5" widescreen), 3 different display types (HD, true color, & black and white), 3 feature and is also available with a foot pedal.

Using Optelec ClearView+ Speech

To use the ClearView+ Speech, press the power button to turn on the monitor and place material to be magnified on the tray under the camera.

Slide the monitor forward to improve the reading or viewing angle, if desired.

Use the "+" and "-" buttons on either side of the magnifying glass icon to adjust text or image size. The icon is located on the bottom left of the touchscreen beside the "M" (Menu) button.

Use the "+" and "-" one buttons on either side of the speaker icon to adjust the volume on the text-to-speech.

To change the text and background colors and to adjust the contrast, press the "M" (Menu) button at the bottom left of the screen, and then press "Settings," the lower right of the the six menu options.

The ClearView+ Speech displays the full page of a document and automatically identifies its layout, enabling users to navigate to various sections and return back to full view.

Touch any of the numbered sections and then press the arrow (Play) button at the bottom center of the monitor to hear the text read aloud. The ClearView+ will automatically begin reading from that point.

Swipe the monitor with a finger to quickly scroll through the document's sections.

To save documents, press the "M" button and choose "Save," the upper left of the 6 menu options.

To open documents or photos stored on an SD card or USB drive, press "M" and then "Open," the top-mid Menu option. Use the "View" option to choose a viewing mode, e.g. "Slideshow."

Optelec manufacturers a wide variety of low vision aids, including the Compact 5 HD handheld video magnifier.

Visit Optelec online or call 800.826.4200 for more information on or to purchase the ClearView+ Speech. You can also schedule a no-obligation product demonstration from your local Authorized Optelec Dealer network representative.

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