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Technology to Enlarge Text & Images


Magnifying text for easier reading in all daily situations is one of the most popular forms of assistive technology. Whether it’s handheld magnifier for viewing bills, a desktop CCTV for hobbies or sustained reading, or a portable camera that captures distant images, the means to enlarge words and images is becoming increasingly crucial as more Americans age into varying degrees of vision loss. Here are some of the most common types of magnification solutions.
  1. Handheld Video Magnifiers
  2. Desktop Video Magnifiers

Handheld Video Magnifiers

 Handheld video magnifiers look like square magnifying glasses. They have built-in cameras for capturing and enlarging images and controls for zooming in and out and adjusting brightness, contrast, and text and background colors. Nearly all have a “freeze frame” feature; newer models enable users to store multiple image files they can download to a computer.

Desktop Video Magnifiers

Desktop video magnifiers, once known as CCTVs, provide higher magnification and image quality than handhelds. A larger viewing screen also makes it a better choice for sustained reading. Many models also offer OCR scanning and text to speech to read magnified text aloud. The main drawbacks are price (most start around $2,400) and lack of portability.


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