1. Technology

Pointers and Mouse Variations

Using a mouse can range from tedious and time consuming to excruciating and impossible for persons with mobility impairments. Fortunately, there are many assistive devices that hands-free pointer manipulation. These include specialized mice; laser pointing devices, and switches activated using many different motions or parts of the body. This section covers the wide range of input technologies and devices that provide alternatives for using a standard mouse.
  1. Footmice (0)
  2. Sip-and-Puff Input Devices (0)
  3. Switches (3)
  4. Wands, Laser Pointers, and Eye Tracking (1)

Navigate Web Browsers Via Voice with Nuance Dragon MouseGrid
Mouse grids in Nuance Dragon Dictate and NaturallySpeaking enable users to access any part of a web page by calling out numbers displayed on concentric grids. This navigation feature can help those with mobility impairments execute mouse commands using their voice.

PC Mouse Modifications Aid Mobility Impairments
Changing Windows mouse settings can make using a computer easier by people with mild to moderate dexterity issues. Being able to highlight text or drag icons without having to hold down the mouse button can provide that small measure of help that makes PC use more efficient and less painful.

Use Windows Mouse Keys
When motor skills make using a mouse difficult, Windows mouse keys help by enabling users to move the pointer by pressing keys on the keyboard’s number pad.

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