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i-loview Offers Highest Resolution & Magnification Among Portable CCTVs


i-loview Hi-Rez Handheld Video Magnifier from Ai Squared

The i-loview Handheld Video Magnifier from Ai Squared is a pocket-sized CCTV that enlarges text up to 32 times.

Ai Squared

ZoomText Maker Ai Squared Teams with Chris Park Designs on Hi-Rez Handheld:

The i-loview is a handheld electronic video magnifier similar in size to Enhanced Vision's Pebble. The portable CCTV is manufactured by Chris Park Designs and sold through Ai Squared, makers of ZoomText, the popular magnification software.

The pocket-sized magnifier weighs 8 ounces, has a 4.3-inch screen, and can enlarge text and images up to 32 times, making it one of the most powerful portable magnifiers available.

The i-loview also enables users to capture and store images on a 2GB SD card and connect the device via cable to a TV, as with the Eazy Reader.

The i-loview retails for $695.

Key Features of the i-loview Video Magnifier:

  • 12 zoom levels up to 32x -- the highest magnification among portable CCTVs
  • 4 brightness- and 16 contrast adjustment levels
  • 6 text-background color schemes: normal, white on black, black on white, yellow on black, blue on yellow, and yellow on blue
  • Magic mode: provides clear viewing from various angles, e.g. a handwriting aid or for reading displays such as an ATM
  • Snapshot mode: take pictures and change color, brightness, or zoom level
  • 2GB SD card for storing, moving, and deleting images
  • TV cable for plugging device into TV (or CCTV) for a larger view
  • Ergonomic design with intuitive, easy-to-use controls
  • 3.5 hours of battery life
  • 1-year warranty (6 months for battery)
  • Ships with a carrying case, wrist strap, lens cleaning cloth and all the necessary cables.

Resolution on the i-loview is sharper than on most magnification solutions, including mobile apps such as VisionAssist and EyeSight.

Using the i-loview Video Magnifier:

The i-loview has a straightforward layout that makes it easy to magnify text and images and to adjust the display for optimal view.

To use the device, plug the power adapter into the DC jack and charge the battery for three hours. Then remove the LCD protection film covering from the camera lens.

To turn the unit on, slide the Power Switch -- located on the top right of the device -- to the right. The i-loview will beep and light up.</>

Hold the i-loview above whatever you wish to magnify and use the Zoom+ and Zoom- buttons to the left of the screen.

Use the Color Mode button at the bottom right of the screen to select from the six text-and-background color combinations.

Use the Screen Brightness button at the top right of the screen to select among five brightness levels.

Accessing & Using the i-loview Settings Menu:

The i-loview Settings Menu enables users to scroll through and delete saved images, adjust volume, contrast, and light intensity, and select an alternative format for connecting to a TV.

To access the Settings Menu, press and hold the Brightness and Color Mode buttons. Use the Jog Dial -- located in the middle of the right edge of the screen -- to cycle through the six menu items. From top left to bottom right, these items are:

  1. Photo gallery
  2. Contrast control
  3. Light intensity
  4. Volume level
  5. Save option
  6. TV format

1. Navigate through pics using the jog dial. The screen will display number of photos and which you're currently viewing. You can also zoom in and apply a color filter. Pressing the Snapshot button returns the picture to its size if you've zoomed in.

Press the Jog Dial to delete current image. Pressing the button displays a trash icon. Press it again to delete.

2. For contrast, move the dial to the left or right to adjust the contrast and press down on the button to save.

3. Select the Light Intensity icon next to Contrast and adjust using the Jog Dial. Press down on the dial to save the setting.

4. Select the Volume level icon and adjust using the Jog Dial. Press down on the dial to accept any changes.

5. To save any settings, navigate to the Disk icon and press the Jog Dial.

6. Select the TV icon when you wish to connect your i-loview to a TV outside the US, i.e. one that does not use the standard NTSC format.

i-loview Advanced Features

To turn off the device's lights, hold down the Brightness Button in the upper right corner for two seconds. You will hear a chime. Repeat the process the turn the lights back on.

To turn off audio cues, hold the Brightness and Zoom - and buttons down for two seconds. You will hear a chime. Repeat the process to turn the sounds back on.

To zoom all the way out, press and hold the Zoom - button for two seconds. You will hear a chime.

To restore the i-loview to its factory settings, hold down the Zoom + button while turning the power off. The device will be restored to its original settings the next time you turn it on.

Call 800.859.0270 or visit Ai Squared's website for more information on the i-loview Video Magnifier.

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