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Lingraphica AAC Devices Help Persons with Aphasia to Communicate

Technology Enables to Generate Speech & Process Language:


Lingraphica AAC Devices Help Persons with Aphasia to Communicate

Lingraphica devices enable speech among persons with language processing impairments.


Lingraphica develops augmentative and alternative communications (AAC) technology -- notably Medicare-eligible speech generating devices -- to help persons with aphasia and similar disorders that make it difficult to speak, write, or understand words.

Aphasia is a neurological disorder caused by damage (often from a stroke) to the portions of the brain responsible for processing language. Though it does not affect intelligence, people with aphasia often find it difficult to speak, understand speech, read, or write.

Lingraphica products are designed to help restore language faculties so aphasics can reconnect and communicate with others.

In addition to speech generating devices, Lingraphica also creates AAC apps for iPad and other iOS devices, provides product support, training and online courses, and maintains a resource list for speech-language pathologists.

Lingraphica was founded in 1990 and is based in Princeton, New Jersey.

Lingraphica Speech Generating Devices & Mobile Apps:

A speech-generating device (SGD) is a tablet-sized electronic AAC system that augments speech or written communication. Users build sentences from a language of pictures, symbols, and words. Synthesized speech does the "talking," though most enable users to send email and text messages.

Lingraphica's AllTalk is a customizable, laptop-based SGD that offers an extensive vocabulary of icons and "type-and-talk" functionality for faster communication. A built-in camera enables users to add pictures of people and objects to their vocabulary. The AllTalk also comes with training and practice videos and an extensive collection of oral motor exercises to support learning at home or with a speech therapist.

Lingraphica's TouchTalk SGD provides the same functionality as the AllTalk, but on a lightweight touch-screen tablet designed for portability.

SmallTalk also supports a suite of free iOS-compatible apps focusing on aspects of aphasia and communication, including conversation phrases, oral motor exercises, daily activities, and dysphagia. Speech exercises are covered in a series of five video apps.

In addition to the SmallTalk apps, Lingraphica also offers the TalkPath Speech Therapy apps geared for adults designed to help rebuild speech lost due to stroke or brain injury. The four apps cover reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Using Lingraphica Speech Generating Devices:

Starting a Lingraphica SGD opens a Home page that displays icons representing topics important to the user -- me, house, food, places, etc. -- around which they build pages of symbols.

Users click icons to speak words or phrases. Icons can also contain video.

Some Lingraphica icons contain built-in scenes, such as House, which has a floor plan for accessing any room. Click an object in the kitchen and Lingraphica speaks it aloud.

Lingraphica can also be used for phone conversations. When the phone rings, a user holds the device to the receiver and selects the appropriate icon, e.g. "Hello" or "I have trouble speaking, but I can understand you." Icons can also be used to call 911.

Users can also view built-in mouth position videos to practice their speech and perform language therapy exercises (spelling, sentence scramble) to improve comprehension.

Lingraphica Free Device Trial

Individuals with the requisite insurance are eligible for a no-obligation four-week trial to determine if a speech-generating device is appropriate for one's condition and recovery. Lingraphica ships a loaner device to a patient's speech-language pathologist -- who usually makes the recommendation.

Lingraphica assigns a clinical consultant to train the SLP on using the device through a built-in video and one-hour phone session.


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