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AppWriter for iPad Provides Help for Dyslexia


AppWriter for iPad Provides Help for Dyslexia

AppWriter makes writing with the iPad easier for persons with dyslexia and other learning disabilities.


iPad App Includes Text-to-Speech, Word Prediction, and OCR Scanning:

AppWriter is an accessible text editor and reading and writing program designed for Apple's iPad that combines text-to-speech, word prediction, OCR scanning, and the Dyslexie-typeface.

Developer LingApps (Copenhagen, Denmark) said AppWriter is designed to provide users with dyslexia and other learning disabilities the tools they need to unlock a world of information.

AppWriter was launched on March 22, 2012 through the App Store.

AppWriter's Key Assistive Technology Features:

AppWriter is designed to work seamlessly. Wi-Fi or 3G access isn't required as all tools and features are embedded and run directly on the iPad.

Its text-to-speech engine uses high-quality synthetic voices that read all buttons and menus as well as the text users create. Students can see words highlighted as they hear them read aloud -- a learning aid proven to boost reading comprehension.

AppWriter's word prediction enables students to build vocabulary and develop writing skills by providing tools (u.e. the right word spelled correctly) to construct sentences as they write. Users can hear words read aloud, which helps both auditory and visual learners reduce spelling or grammatical errors, which builds confidence.

The app's Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology makes any paper document or image accessible. Textbooks, photocopies, and handouts are easily converted into text documents using Mobile OCRKit. Students can then listen to the text and follow the highlighted words.

The Dyslexie font feature makes it easier for persons with dyslexia to distinguish and identify individual letters. The specific characteristics of the Dyslexie font can help reduce reading errors and the effort it takes to read the text.

AppWriter comes with American English and American Spanish.

Currently, only the iPad supports AppWriter, though a scaled-down version for the iPhone and iPod touch is underway, as is a Google Docs plugin with the same basic features.

About LingApps

LingApps is a Danish programming studio focusing on speech and language technology. LingApps develop educational apps and assistive software for iOS devices. LingApps are innovators and are defining the future of assistive solutions on mobile media by designing software that is easy to use and generally available in many languages.

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