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ReadingPen2 Scans, Defines, & Pronounces Words You Don’t Know


ReadingPen2 Scans, Defines, & Pronounces Words You Don’t Know

The ReadingPen2 enables users to scan unfamiliar words, see definitions on the pen's LCD screen, and hear proper pronunciation through text-to-speech.

Wizcom Technologies Ltd.

Wizcom Technologies' ReadingPen2 is Literacy Tool for Those with Dyslexia:

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Getting stuck on an unfamiliar word can make reading difficult for persons with print disabilities such as dyslexia. Not knowing what a word means or how to pronounce it can affect reading confidence as well as comprehension.

The ReadingPen2 from Wizcom Technologies is a scanning device designed to help improve reading skills. The pen presents word definitions (in syllabic division) on an LCD screen and reads them aloud using text-to-speech, spelling words letter by letter.

The ReadingPen2 resembles a large, flat pen. It has a small optical scanner in the tip and a display screen with keys at the top. Readers scan by moving the tip over printed text.

As a literacy tool the ReadingPen2 can help build vocabulary and reading fluency and make reading more effective and enjoyable for those with cognitive impairments and persons learning English.

ReadingPen2 Scans, Recognizes, and Reads 500,000+ Words:

The ReadingPen2 (US version) recognizes 500,000+ words from the American Heritage College Dictionary, 4th Edition and Roget's II The New Thesaurus and uses American pronunciation..

There is also an Oxford version of the pen that recognizes 240,000+ words from the Concise Oxford Dictionary of English and reads scanned text in a British accent.

Both pens provide translations from Wizcom's English-to-Spanish dictionary.

ReadingPen2 Product Features:

In addition to providing word definitions and pronunciation, the ReadingPen2 interface offers a wide range of features, including:

  • The ability to scan full lines of text
  • Use of large fonts on LCD screen
  • Earphone for playing word pronunciations in private
  • Letter highlighting of spelled-out words
  • Word synonyms and translations
  • Direct look-up of idioms and phrases
  • Identification of word inflections
  • Auto-merging of hyphenated words
  • Memory and recall of the last 80 looked-up words
  • Built-in scanning tutorial
  • Auto shut-off to preserve battery life

The ReadingPen2 recognizes most popular font types in sizes ranging from 6-22 point. It can also scan most colored text on contrasting color backgrounds, except red on white, blue on black, a vice versa.

The pen has two displays ( for abridged and complete definitions) users can toggle between.

About Wizcom Technologies Ltd.

Wizcom develops pocket-sized scanning dictionaries and reading- and scanning pens. In addition to the ReadingPen2, Wizcom pen products include Quicktionary, a translator for people working in multilingual environments; and InfoScan, which enables businesspeople to transfer scanned text to a PC or mobile device.

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