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Texthelp Literacy Software is Assistive Technology for the Classroom


Texthelp Literacy Software is Assistive Technology for the Classroom

Texthelp literacy applications help learners of all ages to read, write, study, and communicate with ease and independence.

TextHelp Systems, Inc.

Texthelp's Read&Write GOLD Popular Among College Students:

Texthelp Systems, Inc. creates literacy software to help persons with print disabilities such as dyslexia and visual impairments improve reading, writing, and research skills.

The company's mission is to provide technology that enables learners of all ages and abilities to read, write, study, and communicate with confidence - skills it sees as helping build greater independence and self-esteem.

Among its most well-established products is Read&Write GOLD, which is popular among college students with learning disabilities.

The University of New Hampshire, for example, makes Read&Write GOLD accessible to students in its new Assistive Technology Lab and as a mobile app.

TextHelp was founded in 1996 and has corporate offices in Woburn, Mass, and Antrim, Northern Ireland.

TextHelp Systems Customers & Corporate Partners:

TextHelp products serve a wide range of language learners, from K-12 special-needs students to adults seeking to improve their writing skills in the workplace. Customers include:

  • Persons with dyslexia and other print disabilities
  • Those learning English as a second language
  • Student disability service organizations
  • Schools, corporations, and government agencies.

Texthelp development partners include Adobe, Apple, and Microsoft. These alliances ensure its products work on Windows, Mac, and mobile platforms and integrate with popular programs such as Acrobat Reader, Safari, Microsoft Office, and Internet Explorer.

Texthelp Systems Products:

Texthelp is known primarily for five applications:

  1. Read&Write GOLD
  2. Fluency Tutor
  3. Lexiflow
  4. SpeechStream
  5. BrowseAloud.

Read&Write GOLD: an application for Windows or Mac that provides reading, writing, and research support tools accessed via a customizable toolbar that integrates with most mainstream applications. In 2011, Tech & Learning Magazine recognized Read&Write GOLD with an Excellence Award, ranking it among the top 100 education technology products.

Fluency Tutor: a web-based solution for developing and measuring oral reading fluency and comprehension. Students can use the application to practice reading, take assessments, and see how they did. Teachers can assess students, monitor progress, and individualize instruction.

SpeechStream: a customizable solution that enables publishers to make HTML content accessible by enabling text-to-speech and other embedded literacy support features.

Lexiflow: a solution that enables publishers to convert PDF materials into Adobe Flash talking e-books or assessments with embedded literacy support tools. Educational publishing partners who use Lexiflow and SpeechStream include: Discovery Education, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, McGraw Hill, and Pearson.

BrowseAloud: a subscription-based web application that enables developers to make sties accessible by adding text to speech so visitors can hear content read aloud.

The Texthelp website includes introductory videos, webinars, a downloads section, and a listing of educator resources.

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